Daniel Cormier Is Taking High Risk Fight vs. Patrick Cummins

By Kevin Davidson
Daniel Cormier
Andrew Richardson-USA TODAY Sports

Daniel Cormier better be extremely careful at UFC 170, because he is facing a man who has absolutely nothing to lose. Rashad Evans, who was supposed to fight Cormier, was injured and had to drop out of the fight. In steps Patrick Cummins who is an undefeated fighter and was a training partner of Cormier. Cummins has embraced the spotlight and has started a war of words with Cormier about how he made Cormier cry during wrestling practice. This move was either extremely dumb by Cummins or a stroke of genius. The best case scenario is that he got into Cormier’s head which makes him fight recklessly. The worst case scenario is that it made Cormier see red and he punches Cummins so hard that his body shoots into another dimension. Either way something awesome happens so the fans have a win-win here.

I think it was a bad idea for Cormier to take this fight because he literally has nothing to gain from it but a paycheck. If he wins, good; he was supposed to. If he loses, he very well may not get a title shot for another year. I respect that he wants to fight, but when he does fight he better go in cool and calculated. He needs to realize that although Cummins is not as experienced, he is still dangerous. Cummins has knockout power and, more importantly, nothing to lose. Cummins gets to fight in the UFC which is already a win for him, and I’m sure Dana White will give him another fight if he loses this one. Cummins is probably going to fight his heart out, so Cormier better be prepared to deal with a wild man.

Cormier can easily win this fight; he just needs to be cautious and pick his shots. As long as he fights like he is supposed, everything will be fine. I am just hoping that he does not go in there seeing red and get emotional, because if he does Cummins has a serious shot at winning this affair.

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