Sara McMann Will Take Ronda Rousey Into Uncharted Waters At UFC 170

By Jeremy Green
Sara McMann UFC
Brad Penner-USA Today Sports

MMA is a sport that is full of upsets. That’s what makes the sport so exciting. The thought that a 10-1 underdog could dethrone a dominate champ is something to behold, and this is something we could see come UFC 170, when Sara McMann challenges Ronda Rousey for the UFC bantamweight title.

Rousey has been able to win every single one of her fights, and by the same move: an armbar. It’s something that has helped her tremendously in her career, and it doesn’t hurt when your an Olympic caliber athlete like Rousey is. Rousey was the very first American to medal in the Olympics in Judo, and she’s been able to make the transition to MMA with ease, dominating every fighter ever put in front of her.

But with McMann, Rousey faces a different challenge, a challenge that could very well cost her UFC gold. Unlike Rousey’s opponents in the past, McMann is just as athletic, if not more so, compared to Rousey. Back in 2004, McMann was able to win a silver medal in the Olympics in wrestling, which is one of the most prestigious awards any wrestler can earn in their respective careers.

McMann is making the transition to MMA, much like Rousey, look easy, and she sports a perfect 7-0 record to prove this. When Rousey was put on the ground by Miesha Tate, she was able to easily reverse the position and dictate the ground exchanges. Rousey will not be able to do the same against McMann.

McMann has the ability to dictate where this fight takes place against Rousey, whether she will look to smother Rousey from the top or exchange in a kick boxing battle. This is because she is one of the best wrestlers in the UFC’s bantamweight division. They say wrestling is the most important base to have for MMA, and McMann has the chance to prove that wrestling triumphs Judo in a fight.

A lot of people, her trainers namely, have been hyping up Rousey’s boxing game, saying she has been dropping championship-caliber boxers in the gym. This is all well and good, but Rousey’s boxing skills have not translated too well in her fights. In fact, she took a lot of punishment standing with fighters like Tate and Liz Carmouche. McMann shouldn’t have any trouble keeping the fight on the feet with Rousey, and when she does, she will more than hold her own, despite being relatively green for MMA.

There always is a changing of the guard in MMA, and it seems like everything is lining up for McMann to do what no other fighter has done: defeat Rousey and become the new bantamweight champion of the world.

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