UFC 170: Poor Pat Cummins

By Kevin Davidson
Pat Cummins
Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Pat Cummins was the unsung hero of UFC 170. He was called up by Dana White, who asked him to fight a top-five Heavyweight on 10 days notice. Cummins, I assume, walked into his boss’ office and told him to take a hike because he was fighting in the UFC now. He showed up to all the media events and turned heel. He talked trash on his opponent, Daniel Cormier, for a week straight, revealing intimate secrets about his competition and mocking him on interviews. Was it the smartest move in the world? Far from it, but he was playing the game that White, whether he admits or not, wanted him to, and he paid the price for it.

In a surprise to no one in particular, Cormier wiped the floor with Cummins. While watching the fight unfold, I could not help but feel sorry for Cummins. He lost his job for this opportunity, he put on an evil mask, and here he found himself staring at a very angry Cormier. How did this happen? He played the game, right? It seemed that he sold the event but totally forgot that he had to fight the man that he was berating. He gave an honest showing, I suppose; he landed two decent shots and was able to negate a trip that Cormier attempted. Did he have any business in being in the Octagon with Cormier? No way, and it should be considered illegal.

I am hoping that White will give him another opponent for stepping up and saving the card. Hopefully White gives him a man that is more on his level and Cummins actually gets a camp to prepare for it.

Cummins has talent, but it needs to be developed. I hope that we see Cummins enter the Octagon again, and I hope that he comes out victorious, because the man sacrificed everything to save Cormier’s weight cut.

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