Ronda Rousey Shows Pete Holmes Her Moves During Funny In-Ring Interview

By Andrew Fisher
Ronda Rousey
USA Today Sports

Ronda Rousey is arguably the biggest star in MMA today. She just got done main-eventing UFC 170, and after running her record 9-0, her stock is at an all-time high. Part of being a big star, is of course making the media rounds. When you represent a company like UFC, there are lots of talk shows and radio spots in your future. Rousey made one of those media stops recently, when she appeared on The Pete Holmes Show.

Check out this funny and slightly awkward in-ring interview:

For as goofy as Holmes is, he did a pretty good job in this interview. There aren’t many of us who could sit in a ring with Rousey and conduct an entertaining five minute interview. There was a good mix of questions and MMA move demonstrations in the interview and the clash of personalities and body types, really made it funny.

As for Rousey’s UFC career, the future looks very bright. She’s going to be extremely tough to beat and her undefeated streak should continue to draw in viewers as it grows. The only problem I can foresee, is a lack of decent opponents for her. Eventually, she’s going to run out of women to fight. At least ones that have an outside chance of defeating her.

For now, Rowdy Ronda is great for the sport. It’s not often that female athletes steal the spotlight, so the more attention she brings to MMA, the better.


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