Dong Hyun Kim Breaks Brings The Violence Against John Hathaway

By Kevin Davidson
Dong Hyun Kim
Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

For those of us that got up this morning, though still groggy, were able to witness a knockout of the year candidate.

The UFC Fight Night took place this morning with a headline bout between Dong Hyun Kim and John Hathaway, which is a half decent fight on paper. A lot of the fans expected a grapple-heavy fight, due to both of the fighters being mostly wrestling and Judo affiliated. However, throughout the week leading up to the fight, Kim was constantly talking about how his recent knockout or Erik Silva changed his mindset on fighting. Kim told anyone that would listen how he would push the fight and go for the finish. I chalked it up to pure promotion; tiger can’t change his stripes, bro.

For the record, I was way wrong.

Kim went after Hathaway with reckless abandonment; he never stopped moving forward and was constantly trying to egg Hathaway into a wild exchanged. It was beautiful, it was reckless, it was fighting. I think that for the first time in his career, Kim went into a fight planning on actually fighting with the way that he stalked Hathaway, or the way that he put everything behind every punch he threw; Kim wanted that win and he was willing to pay for it. It will go down as Kim’s breakthrough performance and showed that Kim is a force to be taken seriously.

No doubt, Kim will be riding a huge wave of momentum riding into his next bout. He was brimming with confidence coming off of one knockout. Add a second on top of that, and I cannot wait to see what Kim has in store.

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