Lyoto Machida Is A Tougher Fight Than Chris Weidman

By Kevin Davidson
Lyoto Machida
Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

In a huge surprise to no one, Vitor Belfort has pulled out of his title fight with Chris Weidman. To be honest, folks, there is no amount of money in the world for me to write about that entire situation because it is too early in the morning for me to get blinded by rage, and I would not be able to write about Belfort from an unbiased standpoint because I hate that guy.

Now that that is out of the way, may we please turn our attention to things that actually matter? For instance, Lyoto Machida is now set to fight Weidman. I don’t know about you, but I just giggled like a school girl because this fight is awesome.

It seems that ever since Machida lost the belt, he has become more popular. His style, which once frustrated fans and opponents, has now found its stride and people are truly seeing just how talented “the Dragon” really is. It would only make sense that Machida was tapped for the title fight, because he ran through two top-10 opponents. While this is all great for Machida, and it is, Weidman has to be a little freaked out. From a championship standpoint, it is painfully obvious that Machida is the tougher fight.

Belfort would have been tough for one round; Weidman would simply have to weather the storm and then pick him apart. It would have been an exciting five minutes, but Weidman would take this one. Now, with Machida, Weidman has to be prepared for a more mentally tough five-rounder. Machida will fight smart for 25 minutes, and I do not know if Weidman is prepared for that.

This is a tougher fight and a better fight for the fans. I cannot wait to see it.

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