Alexander Gustafsson Re-Stacks 205-Pound Division With Win

By Kevin Davidson
Alexander Gustafsson
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

There was a time in the UFC when Light-Heavyweight was the premier division of the company. There were killers in the top-10 and it seemed that every fight was a title-shot or marquee matchup. The problem with having talent like that is that the belt changed hands almost every fight. That was not necessarily a bad thing, but everyone wanted stability.

We finally got stability in the form of a young kid from New York, Jon Jones. He came through the division like an atom bomb and destroyed everyone he fought. Fans began to doubt that anyone could dethrone the king, until a Swede named Alexander Gustafsson almost did. It was an outstanding fight and although there was no immediate rematch, Jones needs to realize that he needs Gustafsson to beat Jimi Manuwa.

Fans will tune in to watch Jones’ fight, because he makes men seem like children, and fans also love a good rivalry. Gustafsson almost thwarted Jones last time, and fans want to see another go between the two. This would create a major event that the UFC could capitalize on and make both of the men stars.

The other big reason that this fight needs to happen is because every once and a while, a rematch backs up the division. By that I mean that it creates time for other fighters to become contenders. This leaves plenty of guys believing that they should fight for the title next and makes a bunch of big fights.

All of this could happen, and it all depends on Gustafsson. Let’s hope that he runs through Manuwa, so he can make the Light-Heavyweight division a shark tank again.

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