Flyweight Needs Brad Pickett

By Kevin Davidson
Brad Pickett
Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

I am biased when speaking of Brad Pickett. I love that Brit; he walks out to the octagon like he is going to catch the train into work, steps in, and starts to throw. He has a talent for putting on exciting fights against the division’s best. This was all at Bantamweight also, where he was a smaller fighter. Pickett has recently decided to shed some extra weight and is dropping to the Flyweight division, and I could not be happier about this.

The Flyweight division has come under some fire lately, as the division is pretty shallow and there have been a lack of finishes. The UFC is having a hard time promoting its smallest class and finding stars to back. Pickett could be the answer that the UFC is looking for. While fighting at Bantamweight, he fought a who’s who of the division, and while he lost some of those, he was constantly in the fight. He would always press forward and keep the fight competitive. The Flyweight division needs that; they need a scrapper and they need a finisher.

Pickett has knockout power at Bantamweight; I am praying that he still has it at Flyweight. Unfortunately, some fans fail to see the talent and speed that the smaller classes have and only want to see crazy finishes. Pickett can deliver those, but more importantly, he can deliver exciting fights.

In Pickett’s six UFC appearances, he has won five bonuses, which is pretty insane. Pickett will be an immediate contender in the division and is probably two wins away from a title shot. If he can win those fights in exciting ways, it will only make his life easier and give the division the shot in the arm that it needs.

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