Is It Too Expensive To Be A Fight Fan?

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With Floyd Mayweather Jr. being the highest-paid athlete on the planet, it seems that as his paydays increase to the $30-40 million range, the price to watch him continues to rise as well. While reflecting on tomorrow’s card featuring Mexican superstar Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, I began to think of all the big fights I am looking forward to this year, and then subsequently started adding up the numbers of how much I was going to have to spend to watch them all.

For the casual fight fan, they will be able to squeak by on the two annual Mayweather extravaganzas and maybe a Pacquiao or two. That will cost you between $210-$280, but for the other group, the freaks, you may need a pen and paper to add it all up.

This year, we are looking at some ridiculously high figures. If all goes as planned, Canelo is set to have three PPVs. For the sake of our finance lesson, we will assume he wins tomorrow. Count it, three. Mayweather will have one on May 3, and another the second weekend of September. The tally is now at five. Pacquiao will have at least two, first April 12 and then the fall. We are now at lucky number seven.

Then, probably the most anticipated bout of the year, Sergio “Maravilla” Martinez against Miguel Cotto from Madison Square Garden. That will make it eight. Lastly, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. will have at least one come summertime, making the final tally nine.

If we add up all those fights, and order them in HD (it is 2014) we are looking at a figure of around $630. If you put your pennies aside to try and budget this out, you need to save about $53 each month. Those are some intimidating figures, so in order to not close this discussion on a down note, we should lay out a couple of alternatives.

To curb the cost a little, you could always go to your local bar or pub, where they will likely foot the bill and may charge you $10, or put you with a two-drink minimum. The atmosphere is always a good time, especially for the Mayweather and Pacquiao fights because they have such a devout fan base.

Next, if the bar thing isn’t for you, find the nearest movie theater showing the fight. The movie theater option has grown in the past couple years and has really caught on. Also, it will only be about $10-$20 instead of $70. Then again, you can always invite over your friends and they can invite their friends to watch it at your place and have them pay you at the door … if you want to be that guy, of course.

With all that being said, do not worry, it is sure to be a great boxing year and well worth the cable bill! Enjoy the fights!

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  • Adeno Sine

    And of course there are other ways to watch the fights online as sponsored by friends… What You Zee Is What You Get

  • Alvien Deriquito

    My answer… too expensive. More so if the fight is not what the boxing public need or want to see.


    After Floyd’s boring fight with Canelo and Guerrero, fight fans especially Mexicans, Latinos, and Asians, won’t buy his fights anymore. They lured the Mexicans in buying the fight promoting that Canelo can beat Floyd that is why it broke the PPV record. But the Mexicans will not be fooled the second time around. You will see his PPV startling to dwindle with the Maidana fight, which also going to be boring, etc. until he fights Da Manny.

  • Elias Castillo

    Nobody cares about this boring fight.It’s better to watch a movie instead.

  • Klepto Crat

    I miss the days of running home with Dad to watch title fights on ABC’s Wide World of Sports on Saturdays. Saw some great fights Hagler-Mugabi, Sanchez-Gomez, and of course Leonard-Hearns. Yep, those were the days of some great family time.