UFC Fight Night: Alexander Gustafsson Will Dominate Jimi Manuwa On The Ground

By Jeremy Green
Alexander Gustafsson UFC
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

UFC Fight Night this weekend features one of the most highly anticipated light heavyweight bouts this year, where Alexander Gustafsson will try to get back into the title picture by beating the heavy-handed Jimi Manuwa. Manuwa has been finishing every single one of his fights, something that’s extremely hard to do once you get to the big leagues, such as the UFC.

However, Manuwa is taking on a completely different caliber of fight, one that will test all of his skills, including his submission skills. Gustafsson, the only fighter to really test current light heavyweight champ Jon Jones, will be hoping to prove he’s the better overall fighter, including on the feet.

Gustafsson is coming off one of the best fights in 2013. He went to war with Jones for five straight rounds; it was a thing of beauty for the first couple of rounds, where Gustafsson stuffed all of Jones’ takedowns and even took him down once.

It’s that kind of effort that makes Gustafsson one of the best in the division, and he’s going to prove this tomorrow night. Even though Manuwa is heavy-handed, he hasn’t been tested. His ground game is okay at best, and he has shown to gas towards the end of his fights, against fighters that are gatekeepers at best in the division.

Gustafsson will use his range and footwork to confuse Manuwa for a couple of rounds. Then, he’s going to get a takedown and pull of a beautiful submission. This will put Gustafsson on the right track back to the title.

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