Robbie Lawler Could Take the Belt

By Kevin Davidson
Robbie Lawler
Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

I used to be a big Johny Hendricks fan. I stress the word used , because he has changed ever since he fought Georges St. Pierre. In what turned out to be an amazing fight, Hendricks ultimately lost a decision to the former champ. I will say it also, Hendricks got robbed in that decision. He clearly won the fight and the judges gave him the shaft; it stinks, but it is one of the aspects of the sport.

After the loss, Hendricks would tell anyone that would listen that he won the fight, and he did not try to finish the champ because of X,Y and Z. I never saw Hendricks in this light, but he was complaining. He complained that he got the shaft, and now, he is talking like the belt is already his. That is the main reason why I do not like him — he thinks that the belt is his when he has not even won it. Because of Hendrick’s new found confidence, somewhere, Robbie Lawler is smiling.

Lawler is an absolute killer, and while I have no doubt that Hendricks is prepping for this fight and then some, I really believe that he is underestimating Lawler.

Lawler proved just how dangerous he is in his last fight against Rory MacDonald. Lawler has the upmost confidence in his chin and will try to make it a contest of heart instead of a contest of skill. He will also take chances, and this is probably why he is biggest threat against Hendricks. Hendricks is definitely an offensive fighter; he moves forward and when all else fails, he relies on his wrestling. What would happen if someone were to push forward against him? To be honest, we have no idea. That is why Lawler is dangerous to Hendricks; he will make Hendricks fight his fight.

It is going to be interesting to see whether Hendricks decides to stand and trade with Lawler, or whether he is forced to fight defensively. I think that Hendricks will stand and trade because of his power in the left hook. That could be unwise of Hendricks though, because he has never really had his chin tested before, and I do not think that you should test your chin against Lawler. If Lawler can push forward first and make Hendricks respect him, I believe that we could see an upset for the championship belt.

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