Brad Pickett Needs to Be Faster If He's to Succeed as Flyweight

By Kevin Davidson
Brad Pickett
Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

A man who never finds himself in a boring fight is Brad Pickett. In most cases, fighters would kill to be in that position; unfortunately, it went against him yesterday. Pickett made his flyweight debut at yesterday’s UFC Fight Night against Neil Seery. Who is this man named Seery? I asked myself that very question; turns out, he is an Irish fighter who has had his fair share of decent scraps. Since this was Seery’s first fight in the UFC, and considering the competition he has faced, Pickett should have ran through him. It did not go down that way.

Seery came out and pushed the action the entire fight, throwing hooks to the head with bad intentions and standing in the pocket to trade with Pickett. Seery’s speed was the main difference in the stand-up as he continued to fire off combinations before Pickett could attack. It was a great scrap and one that put Seery’s name on the map, even though he lost. Pickett walked away with the win, but it was a bad performance. He was considerably slower than the Irishman, which is great cause for concern. The flyweight division has the fastest fighters in the UFC. It is kind of what they are famous for: small guys with great speed. If Pickett could not deal with the speed of a no-named fighter, how does he plan to deal with any of the top-five guys in the division?

Granted, Pickett was much stronger than his opponent and picked him up four times to slam him. He should have spent the fight taking his opponent down and working some ground and pound. Instead, Pickett being the show-man that he is, he decided to stand and trade to appease the crowd. I hope Pickett hits the gym and works on that speed, because he is going to need it.

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