Nick Diaz is Ready to Fight, So Give Him Robbie Lawler

By Kevin Davidson
Nick Diaz
Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Any future fighters out there, please take a page from Nick Diaz’s book. He was recently at UFC 171 and is making more front pages than any other fighter who actually competed because, well, he is Nick Diaz. He was seen heckling Johny Hendricks for missing weight, he sat next to Rhonda Rousey and he told every reporter that would listen that he is “ready to fight.” I, for one, am absolutely ecstatic at that fact. Since Georges St. Pierre left the Welterweight division, I think the UFC was in a panic mode as they have just lost their biggest star. What they did not count on was the exciting matchups that would take place because of it, and with Diaz’s return, things just got a whole lot more interesting.

The public is actually calling for an immediate title-shot for Diaz. While I would totally pay to see Stockton’s finest scrap Hendricks, I think that would be a little premature. Diaz needs a win under his belt, and a win in a big fight. I say we let Diaz fight Robbie Lawler. It makes perfect sense because Lawler just lost for the title, and gave the champion all he could handle. If Diaz is able to get past Lawler, then give him the title shot. Also, it would be the second time that they fought, so I am sure the UFC could make a great storyline out of that.

Diaz tossing his hat into the ring makes the Welterweight division the most exciting in the UFC at the moment. The possibility for great fights has just multiplied and if Diaz and Lawler end up fighting, then it would be the icing on the cake.

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