It's Time For Danny Garcia Move Up

By kevinkuljis
Danny Garcia
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Danny Garcia set up his 140-pound title defense against widely unknown Mauricio Herrera. After last Saturday night, Herrera is all but unknown and Garcia needs to head back to the drawing board regarding his next move. Garcia won a close majority decision and had to give everything to squeak by and grab the victory.

Even in defeat, Herrera put himself on the map in the 140-pound division, and is sure to have a big fight coming soon. He moved around the ring awkwardly, making it difficult for Garcia to find his rhythm. One judge had it a draw and the other two had it 8-4 for Garcia. It could have been judged a bit closer, and if Herrera was in any way a big-name opponent, it would warrant a rematch.

Even without the rematch, Herrera will have a chance soon to grab one of Garcia’s belts.

Garcia looked a bit drained and sluggish throughout the fight. In part, that was because he was having such difficulty adjusting to Herrera, but the fatigue was also from cutting the weight to make 140 pounds. In the post-fight interview, he discussed how it was more challenging than in past fights making weight this time around, and that he and his team would reevaluate where to move for his next bout.

This was not the most convincing win of his career, but the last two years have consisted of Garcia cleaning out the 140-pound division. It seems to be the right time to move up in weight, vacate his light welterweight belts and give 147 pounds a try.

It is possible that is where he will go this summer, and with a victory in his first bout, he would be the leading name in the Floyd Mayweather Jr. fall sweepstakes. Mayweather versus Garcia would be a huge event, and the promotion leading up to the bout would be very entertaining.

If you are not familiar with Garcia’s trainer and father, Angel Garcia, look him up. I can only imagine the promotion between Angel Garcia and Mayweather’s team. It would be unbelievable.

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