Clay Guida Needs to Win His Fans Back to Keep UFC Job

By Kevin Davidson
Clay Guida
David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Clay Guida is the reason why I started watching Mixed Martial Arts; I had a friend who showed me the fight video between Guida and Roger Huerta, and I was immediately hooked. I needed to know more about this caveman who went into the fight, and although he lost, showed what it meant to really lay it on the line. I have been a fan of his ever since; while there have been considerable ups and downs, his stock has got to be at an all-time low.

Guida was, at one time, the biggest fan favorite in the UFC. He would run into every fight refusing to slow down and fight defensively. He would get in there and try to beat his opponent at his own game. While this rarely worked out for him, he walked away from every fight with more and more fans. Guida has retreated from his old style and has now settled down in the best version of a grinder that I have ever seen. He is a seat belt to his opponent, and though this style has won him some fights, he is losing more and more support every time he steps into the Octagon.

Guida needs to get some of his fans back because it could very well cost him his job if he loses his next fight. Dana White has been incredibly vocal about his dislike for how Guida is fighting, and I am sure he would have no problem with cutting him if his next fight is a loss. Guida needs to understand that popularity has now played a part in his career, and he needs to figure out how to win in exciting fashion or at least win back some of his fans.

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