Michael Bisping vs. Tim Kennedy is Actually a Fun Fight

By Kevin Davidson
Michael Bisping
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

I was recently looking at the upcoming fights that the UFC is putting on, and one really caught my attention; that fight is the bout between Michael Bisping and Tim Kennedy. Personally, I am not one for trash talk of any kind, and I understand that there has been considerable heat between the two for a while, so I guess that adds a little fuel to the fire, but this fight is incredible if we really take a look at it.

Bisping has never been known for his knockout power, but is a very technical striker who looks to put the pressure on. Kennedy is actually coming off an awesome knockout win and seems to be improving every time he steps into the Octagon — but the one thing that will really determine this fight is conditioning.

Bisping has excellent conditioning and continually turns up the pace the further a fight goes on. Kennedy has fought in five-round fights before, but I think is lacking the conditioning to deal with the output of strikes that Bisping brings to the table. On the flip-side, Kennedy has way more power to his shots and that could slow Bisping down considerably. The ground game of each is well respected and could really change the fight. Whoever is able to get the takedown will probably be able to stay on top for a little, but I doubt that this will turn into a grappling match.

While this fight really will not affect the division much, it is a fun fight that is going to see how power matches against conditioning. It is one of the aspects of fighting that we have not really seen yet, and I think we are all in for an enjoyable fight.

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