Robbie Lawler vs. Jake Ellenberger Saves UFC 173 Card

By Kevin Davidson
Robbie Lawler
Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

I will be the first to admit that I am a sucker for guys who take fights on short notice. I find it to be overly manly and it makes me believe that some of the fighters actually stick to their word when they tell everyone that they would scrap anytime, anywhere.

Now that I am done gushing over that, I will proceed to gush over how amazing Robbie Lawler is. Lawler just came out of a five-round war with Johny Hendricks, who is busy having surgery, and will step in on late notice to fight Jake Ellenberger. This has got to be a dream, and a lifesaver to the UFC 173 card that was not that great.

The main event, Renan Barao vs. T.J. Dillashaw, will more than likely be a literal mauling with Barao leaving the Octagon victorious without breaking a sweat. This matchup not only adds some legitimate star power, but also shows the faith that the UFC is putting in Lawler. Lawler was largely unknown to the causal UFC fan. They really do not know how storied his career has been and how much of a warrior he truly is.

He got to show all of that and more in his fight with Hendricks, and the UFC is clearly looking to capitalize on that fight and get him even more fans. It would be hard to ignore how much fun it is to watch Lawler fight.

It would be rude of me to ignore Ellenberger because he is a serious guy. He has knocked out the who’s who of the UFC but never really got that marquee victory under his belt. This could be his chance. I would be lying if I said I wanted Ellenberger to win simply because Lawler is the old-dog, and seeing how all of the stars are starting to slip, I find it astounding when the old guy comes in and shows that he still has some pop left in his punches.

Here’s to you, Lawler. Thanks for stepping up and showing the younger generation that no, they have not seen it all.

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