UFC: Anthony Pettis' Style Is Absolutely Infuriating

By Kevin Davidson
Anthony Pettis
David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Listen, if you like Anthony Pettis, I get it and it makes sense. However, I want you to know that you are wrong and I hate you. Last night, some guy at the end of the bar was sitting there screaming about how amazing Pettis is. Intrigued, I decided to be creepy and slide to the outside of the circle so I could get a better listen as to what this man’s argument was.

Seeing that this dude has clearly been at the bar for the last eight hours or so, his argument was not all that sound, but his keywords were something like this: Showtime Kick, Joe Lauzon, style and tattoos. Fair enough, I suppose. Let’s start with the obvious: Pettis’ head kick of Lauzon was on point. I tip my hat to you, Pettis. I will only ever compliment your kicking, because it is really freaking good.

The Showtime Kick was flat out amazing, it truly was; however, there have been amazing strikes like that before that fell to the way side. The only reason that people freaked out about it was because it was the last fight in the WEC, and he did it under pressure in his first championship match. If anything, I am saying that it is overrated.

The real reason that I dislike Pettis is because of his style. The guy is straight-up pretty and that infuriates me. He goes into the Octagon full of swagger and confidence and hardly breaking a sweat. Why? How is that even possible?! Chael Sonnen walks to the Octagon like he gave his heart to training and is ready to punch a hole through someone. I like that. Show me that you are ready for a war; do not go in there like this is your lazy Sunday and that it is going to be easy.

I will not touch on his tattoos because they are probably personal and I have no knowledge of that. If his style was not enough to make me angry, it is the fact that he constantly refers to himself in the third person. This is quite possible the worst thing ever. I never understood it; why would you do that? So you can say your own name time and time again and every time you do, someone screams with excitement?

It does not happen like that and it shows his fans that he are selfish. Anyway, Best of luck against Gilbert Melendez, though! And if by the off chance that you see this, Pettis, you are awesome and please do not beat me up. Thanks.

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