Matt Brown Chimes In On Recent Championship Fight

By Kevin Davidson
Matt Brown
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Any of you guys out there remember that crazy cartoon Ren and Stimpy? Remember the horse that would just turn to the camera and say “No sir, I don’t like it”?

Well, that is the exact picture that I got in my head when Matt Brown recently told reporters that the title fight between Johny Hendricks and Robbie Lawler looked like two guys playing patty cake. I understand how crazy of statement that is, but I cannot help but smile when it think of it. I cannot help but smile because this just proves that Brown is ready for the big leagues.

Brown is an absolute killer these days; he has finished his last four fights and all of them were absolutely insane fights. It is clear that he has that talent to start taking on the top-five of the division, but he has always faltered on the public relations scale. He prefers to let his fists do the talking in the octagon and does not seem to be a fan of trash-talk — until now, that is.

It has become clear that, in order to get a title shot, not only must the challenger be worthy, but the challenger must also know how to promote a fight. Brown seems like he is starting to pick up on this.

Is he right? Was the championship fight a slap-match? Brown could not be more wrong in my humble opinion. It does not matter though, because he is bringing doubt to the table. He is saying that if he was in there, he would have finished one of them. With his record, it is hard to argue against him.

This is where doubt comes into play. He put his name in the minds of the fans, and most of them are thinking Brown against Hendricks would make sense. Right now, it does not matter if that fight makes sense, what matters is that Brown is making fans think about it. Well done, Brown; you figured out how to play the game.

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