Vitor Belfort Will Fade Into Obscurity

By Kevin Davidson
Vitor Belfort
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

I am going to make one thing perfectly clear: I have never been a fan of Vitor Belfort. A history of questionable drug screenings and extreme favoritism brought upon him by the UFC, coupled by his holier-than-thou attitude, has made me dislike the man.

Is he a great fighter? Well, I cannot actually answer that question due those questionable drug tests. I cannot tell when the natural ended and the synthetic began. It is for that reason that he needs to go away now.

The time has come for Belfort; he had one of the most explosive years of his career and kicked his way into contender status. The testosterone replacement thing blew up and Belfort dropped out of his championship match with Chris Weidman. A match, which I would like to point out, that would have been contested on United States soil, which has stricter laws then say, Brazil when it comes to drug testing.

Plenty of fans called this and when it happened, they were still disappointed. Maybe it was because the fans wanted to believe that Belfort had finally started to live up to his reputation and it was finally his time to be champion. Instead, we were all left with a sour taste in our mouths and were forced to look into the past to see who Belfort really is.

I predict that Belfort is not going to be the same without the therapy. He is going to be on the wrong side of some epic beatdowns, and I am so excited to see every one of them. He will retire by 2016 on a long losing streak and fade into the history of the UFC as a fighter who was always a question mark.

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