Josh Burkman Tweets Desired Split From WSOF, Betrays Ali Abdelaziz

By Luke Schmaltz
Josh Burkman
Ethan Miller – Getty Images Sport

For a guy who has faced his losses head on and engineered gutsy comebacks, Josh Burkman’s decision to use Twitter to announce his feelings about his contract status seems a little underhanded.

WSOF matchmaker and executive vice president Ali Abdelaziz is none too happy about the news and has expressed exactly that. Having given an eager Burkman five fights in 16 months upon request, Abdelaziz feels the move is unjustified and unprofessional.

Burkman openly confessed to his personal recklessness in a interview last year, but says that after getting married and becoming a father, he has outgrown his “recklessness” and “rebelliousness.” Perhaps his assessment of personal transformation is a bit premature. If that is in fact the case, then the old saying applies: “None so righteous as the newly converted.”

The move invoked the rancor of Abdelaziz, who explained in an earlier interview with MMA Junkie that “he has made more money than anyone else in the promotion.”

“We gave him extra hotel rooms. Now he says he feels like we’ve mistreated him? … I feel betrayed by Josh Burkman.”

Burkman is fresh off a dazzling win against Tyler Stinson, who he knocked in the first round at last weekend’s WSOF 9 event in Las Vegas. His newest ‘opponent,’ it would seem, is Abdelaziz, who is calling for Burkman to at least finish out his contract and maybe take a few professional pointers from fellow fighter Anthony Johnson.

Johnson recently left WSOF and signed with the UFC, but made plans to finish his contract and orchestrate a face-to-face meeting before making announcements and packing his bags. Burkman is rumored to be negotiating with other top organizations. Perhaps he is using his last win as a springboard to propel him back into the UFC.

Then again, he is nicknamed ‘The People’s Warrior’, so who knows, maybe he has decided to team up with Anderson Silva and go fight crime in a bad neighborhood.

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