UFC Color Commentator Joe Rogan is the MMA Champion of Life

By Luke Schmaltz
Joe Rogan
Rob Kim – Getty Images

It’s hard to imagine what having a bad day could possibly be like for Joe Rogan. Between managing his wildly successful career as a stand-up comedian and calling fights for the UFC, he hangs out with other comics, professional fighters, published writers and filmmakers of the highest caliber. A typical afternoon of doom and gloom might sound something like, “Gee my brand new decked out sports car is in the shop getting detailed and my monster check from FOX won’t clear until tomorrow. I guess I’ll go call up Bas Ruten and see if he can’t cheer me up.”

He has seen fit to make the rest of the world privy to his conversations with top level MMA stars like Ruten, Matt Serra and Georges St. Pierre via his podcast called the Joe Rogan Experience. In addition to peering into the psyches of world class athletes, he has candid discussions with astronauts, physicists and financial gurus.

People love MMA because it is full of surprises. Aside from frequent upsets and spectacular slug fests, there is a pool of personalities more distinctive and vivid than any other segment of people on the planet. Someone who is initially drawn to the sport for the lowbrow bloodlust and animalistic posturing might inadvertently get slapped upside the brain with some incredibly powerful information.

All you have to do is dig one layer deep and you might end up going from a fight fan who likes watching dudes get busted up to someone who just gained a clearer understanding of the art of Jiu Jitsu because Rogan talked to Eddie Bravo for three hours on his podcast.

The man brings a whole new definition to the term “well rounded.” He holds a black belt in Taekwondo and Jiu Juitsu, and is clearly in top physical condition. He is also happily married with two children. For nearly 20 years, he has been smacking comedy audiences around with five-strike combinations of wit and madness so sharp that his mouth alone should be registered as a deadly weapon.

Try and push him around and you’ll get choked out. Try and mentally spar with the guy, and he will systematically wear you down and deconstruct your premise into a shameful pile of silly ideas. His goal is not to do either of these things, however.

Many see him as a man on a sincere mission to expand the thinking mechanics of the average human into a consciousness based on asking questions rather than assuming you have all of the answers. Tune into the UFC and hear fight commentary that is extremely well informed, so that the average viewer knows exactly what is going on. Follow up on that voice and you just might learn a thing or two about a kimura, bitcoins, a wrist lock, kettlebell training, chem trails,or the art of the knockout.

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