Nick Diaz Snubs Dana White, Remains On MMA’s Wanted-But-Retired List

By Luke Schmaltz
Nick Diaz
Eric Bolte – USA TODAY Sports

The vast majority of MMA competitors out there don’t have what Nick Diaz has.

It is true that most fighters haven’t earned a championship title from a major promotion, a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or a growing fan base of hungry viewers. Those things, however, don’t compare to Diaz’s one possession few fighters will ever attain, which is the ability to say “no” to UFC president Dana White repeatedly, and then snub the guy completely.

The reason for this could stem from another notion about Diaz that other fighters don’t share. He has stated on multiple occasions that he simply does not like to fight. Most fighters anticipate the rush of fight night and the excitement of combat. They revel in bashing another guy’s face in and squeezing him until he taps out. Diaz stated in a recent interview with Ariel Hilwani: “I don’t love to fight. I don’t want to fight. I get my ass beat more when I win than when I lose.”

This is a revealing statement from a guy who is anything but understood. The UFC recently offered a fight to Diaz with Hector Lombard and there is talk of Diaz facing Robbie Lawler and even Johny Hendricks. Yet the only offer Diaz will consider is the prospect of fighting Hendricks for the considerable amount of $500,000. According to, Diaz made his expectations clear to White and then simply checked out of the conversation.

Whether he actually expects an answer to such a huge number or whether he knows that such a demand will make the UFC simply pack up and go away is tough to guess. Diaz is a smart guy who plays his hand close to the chest. He knows that with Hendricks and Georges St. Pierre both out for the time being that the UFC is severely lacking in big name draws. Diaz might be leveraging this fact simply because he knows he can bring White and company as close to begging as they will ever get.

Chances are good that he is more than slightly amused at the situation, toying with the promotion’s brass like when he used to taunt his opponents in the cage. Whether he laughs all the way to the bank or just back to Stockton is up to the UFC. For all anyone knows he could be laughing already.

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