UFC Fighter Nate Diaz Follows Example of Nick Diaz

By Luke Schmaltz
Nate Diaz
Michael Nagle – Getty Images Sport

A young, eager and talented fighter like Nate Diaz can easily gloss over the fine print amid the sheer excitement of being offered a UFC contract. As the saying goes, the devil is in the details and they tend to be particularly temperamental for fighters who are beginning to understand what they are really worth.

In a recent MMA Beat panel discussion, journalist Luke Thomas said this about worth: “What a funny word worth is. Worth is what you can negotiate, and this is negotiation, don’t mistake it for anything else.” It’s a refreshing slice of clarity in the murky world of athletic contracts between performers and promoters.

Diaz has finally come to understand his influence on the value of the UFC events he fights in and after eight years, he is asking for his slice of the entertainment pie. The fact that his big brother is Nick Diaz only magnifies the significance of the situation. The younger Diaz is no doubt taking cues from the elder by making sure his voice is heard by UFC brass. “I don’t get paid s— and I’m about to tell the world. I didn’t like what my brother or my partners got paid, now that they got a better contract — which still ain’t s—, it blows me out of the water. I don’t have anything but bitter s— to say. How are we entertaining billionaires and we don’t even get s—.”

Apparently poignant statements are a shared trait between the Diaz brothers. The fact is, the guy is one of the biggest draws in his division and when he fights, the UFC profits big time. Perhaps he should apply more verbal leverage and pop loose what he is worth from the clutches of the powers that be.

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