BJ Penn vs. Frankie Edgar is Penn’s Last Chance

By Kevin Davidson
BJ Penn
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

BJ Penn is adored by fans for his “anytime, anywhere” policy. He has fought in many different weight classes and won championships in two of them. The man is a legend, plain and simple. Unfortunately, it seems that Father Time is catching up with Penn and it is not being kind. Penn was absolutely battered by Rory McDonald; that was a beating that he did not have to take. Penn belongs in the lighter weight classes where he holds more of an advantage. The only problem with his drop to Featherweight is that it looks like the last act of a desperate man.

Penn can clearly still fight, and would probably get a win or two over some top 10 competition. His fight with Frankie Edgar, although great for publicity and media, is a bad fight for him. Edgar beat him twice, and the second time was done handily. Penn needs a fighter that he has yet to fight. He needs to test the waters at Featherweight, not jump directly into the shark tank against a guy who had already beaten him twice.

A win over Edgar would not be nice but is an absolute necessity. Penn needs to realize that he has his back to the wall. If he loses this fight not only will the UFC come down on him, but the fans will as well. I doubt that the UFC will give him the pink slip, but they will definitely have a talk with him to see what future plans he has. Penn needs to realize that this is his last chance to really go for a title run. If Penn wins, the future could be very interesting, but if he loses, the future could look extremely bleak.

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