Fabricio Werdum Will Prove He Is Elite

By Kevin Davidson
Fabricio Werdum
Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

This Saturday night, there is a number one contender’s match between Travis Browne and Fabricio Werdum. These Heavyweights are on a roll — Browne probably a little more than Werdum, but both on a roll nonetheless. Both of these guys bring a different fighting style and game plan to the fight. Werdum has an unbelievable ground game and is super aggressive off of his back. When Werdum is on his back, he uses his long legs to actually set up submissions instead of trying to sweep or get back up to his feet. Browne has proven himself to be a legitimate knockout artist. While I think that most of those knockouts were not that impressive, they were knockouts against serious guys. Unfortunately for Browne, Werdum is going to destroy him.

The biggest factor that people need to look at is Werdum’s fight against Roy Nelson. In that fight, Werdum showed that his Muay Thai striking had ascended to a completely different level. His speed was faster, his technique was much cleaner and he used excellent distance to pick apart Nelson. The fact that he was on the outside and picked apart Nelson was impressive, but Browne is lankier and he also uses his range. This is actually good because Werdum has proven that he can get inside and use his Muay Thai clinch to use knees.

This is going to be Werdum’s coming out party. Browne has yet to face anyone like Werdum and is not going to be prepared for how good his striking actually is, or if Browne takes the fight to the ground, he has not yet fought with someone with Werdum’s level of grappling. Either way, Browne is in for a loss here.

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