Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Should Fight in 2014, But Never Will

Manny Pacquiao Floyd Mayweather 2014

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Following Manny Pacquiao’s dominant win over Timothy Bradley in a rematch of their first bogus bout from 2012, the attention of the boxing world now turns to the hypothetical, greatest-of-the-modern-era fight between Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather. This is the match the entire world wants to see and should, but never will.

At 35 and 37, the clock is ticking for Pacquiao and Mayweather to get a fight scheduled and actuating step into the ring to make all the casual boxing fans come out of their shells and show that the perceived “outdated” sport is still alive. Plus, the latter boxer only has three fights left open on his Showtime deal after his May 3 bout against Marcos Maidana. Even though that leaves plenty of time for a fight to be scheduled against Pacquiao, it’s even more unlikely the two fighters’ rival promoters, Top Rand and Golden Boy Promotions, will reach a deal to make the world happy.

Why it’s so hard to just put the two boxers in the ring to settle a longstanding, hypothetical debate is very hard for the reasonable mind to comprehend, but that common opinion doesn’t have money and reputation tied up in the possibility. Neither fighter wants to lose that bout, which would make the winner the unquestioned greatest boxer of the modern era. That’s a really big deal, and that’s why it will never happen: Nowadays, the best of the best don’t want to face each other because they’re afraid to lose. That’s not to say that Pacquiao and Mayweather themselves are afraid, but their promoters are, and that’s why the fans are losing out.

Oh well, it’s not like the fans are the most important factors here, anyway. Oh, wait…


Manny Pacquiao’s Win Over Timothy Bradley Finally Ends Senseless Debate

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  • Toto Vista

    The fight will not push through because of one fighter only, and that is Mayweather. He is ducking Pacquiao ever since. He is afraid to lose.

  • Guest

    Mayweather has no honor, and is a coward for avoiding Pacquiao.

    Easy for Floyd to be undefeated when you cherry-pick your opponents and refuse any fight that’s not completely on your own terms without compromise.

  • catalinobwong

    Gayweather sucks!!!!

  • Hernan Villanueva Fortu

    When Pacquiao becomes a free agent next year and can now fight without Top Rank, Floyd will announce his retirement! Tee-hee-heee.

  • Alvien Deriquito

    I dont think PAC will leave BOB by end of this year. But I still think is a possible fight. Floyd will definitely be pressured more. He got no one else to fight that will help Showtime reach the guarantee in their contract. Floyd fight on May will not sell enough. That goes with the Khan or Collazo fight, latter part of this year, either. The way I see it, Floyd is nearing (if not already in) a place that he have no choice but to make the fight with PAC happens. UNLESS… Showtime will change the way Pay per view is sold or setup.

    Having said that I say, we continue to call for Floydcott, that would further put the burden, heavier, on Floyd’s shoulder. FLOYDCOTT.

  • Jimmy N Ruby Deloso

    The more Floyd will do the ducking, He will hide his head under water with the aggressiveness Manny has just showed to the boxing world.

  • Venju Santiago

    Mayweather has just added another condition to fight Pacquiao, that the latter’s Mom should not watch the fight.