Manny Pacquiao’s Win Over Timothy Bradley Finally Ends Senseless Debate

By RantSports Staff
Manny Pacquiao Timothy Bradley 2
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

It’s all over: Manny Pacquiao defeated Timothy Bradley on Saturday night in a rematch of their controversial bout from two years ago that created an asinine debate as to which fighter was the best in the WBO Welterweight division. In the rematch, Pacquiao absolutely dominated Bradley in most aspects of the fight and showed in several ways why he has been so successful during his career and is still an elite boxer at age 35.

Look, Bradley is a solid boxer; the man has 31 wins throughout his career at age 30, although the one against Pacquiao was completely bogus. However, he’s simply not the fighter that Pacquiao is and never will be simply because he doesn’t have the physical or mental toughness and certainly doesn’t have the quickness or timing of his elite opponent.

On Saturday night, Bradley and Pacquiao were pretty square through the first four to five rounds, but the latter boxer really pulled away in dramatic fashion in rounds six through 12 as Bradley showed a lot of fatigue while Pacquiao kept moving, dodging wild swings and landing timely, controlled jabs that really made it a one-sided bout in the later rounds.

Frankly, Pacquiao seemed to be toying with Bradley somewhat in the final three rounds as he dropped his guard multiple times to tempt Bradley into more and more wild punches on which Pacquiao capitalized again and again. Even then, he didn’t land all of the big shots he could have off of those wild punches by Bradley and he had to have done it out of respect.

After the fight, both boxers were grotesquely nice with compliments about the other’s performance, but Pacquiao could have really embarrassed Bradley late and then again in the postgame interview, but he didn’t. The boxer known as Pacman is a class act and Bradley was very foolish to say that Pacquiao was “the better boxer tonight” because he’s the better boxer, period. End of story. If Saturday night didn’t prove that, nothing will.

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