Roy Nelson Stuck Waiting For Right Fight

By Kevin Davidson
Roy Nelson
Andrew Richardson-USA TODAY Sports

Just when you think Roy Nelson cannot get any more inhuman, he goes and lands one of the hardest punches I have ever seen. He landed that punch on Minotauro Nogueira’s chin and put him out cold. It is the type of power that wins championships; too bad Nelson will not see a championship bout for a while. Coming into this fight, Nelson was on a two-fight skid, dropping his latest to Daniel Cormier. In a weird way, winning this fight was probably the worst thing that could happen for his career.

There is an understanding that Nelson probably has the most power in the UFC, but unfortunately he has not shown much else. His speed is lacking, his stamina could always been improved and his wresting has been virtually non-existent. While his power is always the ace in his sleeve, he has shown that he has little more to rely on. With his dramatic win over Nogueira, Nelson has put himself in a funny position. He moved up the ranks, that is for sure, but who is there for him to fight?

Mark Hunt is the first name that comes to my mind. Not only would that be a great fight, but the fans would really win because that fight is guaranteed to produce either an amazing knockout or one crazy brawl. The only problem with that is Hunt would be taking a significant step down in competition if he fought Nelson, and that is a risky fight for him. It is clear that Nelson wants to fight better guys, but for now, the better guys are either injured or committed to a fight already. Nelson needs to sit and wait to see what is going to happen.

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