UFC Should Make Clay Guida Vs. Conor McGregor

By Kevin Davidson
Clay Guida
David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

I’ve got to tell you guys: I let out a huge sigh of relief when Clay Guida was done fighting Tatsuya Kawajiri. Not only did he win the decision, but it seemed that Guida was back. The fight was an incredible display of grappling and even showed Guida’s improved striking as he was able to drop Kawajiri in the first round. It was intense, fun, and exhausting; everything that a Guida fight is supposed to be. After the fight, Guida told Dan Hardy that the UFC was protecting Conor McGregor and he wanted to fight him. I could not help but grin more.

I will just come out and say it: this fight should absolutely happen, depending on how McGregor does in his next fight. The great thing about McGregor is that his potential is unlimited. He is a young guy, only has two fights in the UFC, and has people talking about him, not to mention his international appeal into foreign markets which Dana White is definitely thinking about. The only problem with this kid is that he has yet to be tested. He sure does talk a big game, but you cannot make him a star unless he can actually fight. That is where Guida comes into the picture.

Guida is a fighter’s worst nightmare, especially a fighter who has never really fought a straight wrestler. Guida is a seatbelt on you: he will not let you go to breathe, and will try to crush you as best as he can. Is it a boring fighting style? Some may say yes, but I do not think so. The cold hard truth of the fact is that he is allowed to fight like that, and it will win him the fight if he can. Guida is a top-ten Featherweight. McGregor needs a test? Guida is the perfect measuring stick.

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