Joe Rogan Isn't Crazy To Think Ronda Rousey Could Beat Floyd Mayweather

By Andrew Fisher
Joe Rogan
Bruce Fedyck — USA TODAY Sports

I never thought I’d see Joe Rogan make an appearance on ESPN, but it happened recently when he stopped by SportsNation. The UFC announcer and comedian dropped in to discuss a fantasy fight that many fans have dreamed about recently — Ronda Rousey vs. Floyd Mayweather.

On the surface, the idea of a fight between the two seems ludicrous. But check out Rogan’s take on them throwing down in a UFC-style bout:

“It’s too hard to avoid the clinch. If you watch a Floyd Mayweather fight, they very rarely end in a one-punch knockout. He has brittle hands. His hands break. You are talking about small gloves where hands are going to break even easier. She keeps her chin tucked, hands high and gets a hold of you. There is going to be a lot of things she is doing that he doesn’t understand.”

As you can imagine, many people have deemed Rogan crazy for even entertaining the thought that Rousey could beat Mayweather. Their shock is likely rooted in the thought of a woman beating a man in a fight, but that’s besides the point…

Rogan is not crazy at all for saying that Rousey would win. He’s calling it as he sees it right now, and right now, she could probably make him tap out. He believes Rousey could withstand enough punches from Money to eventually get in position to take him down. Once that happens — game over.

But as he also said, if Mayweather devoted the appropriate amount of time to developing his ground game, things would likely be different.

My favorite/least favorite part was when Marcellus Wiley remarked that Rogan obviously works for UFC if he’s picking Rousey. But anyone who follows the outspoken comedian can tell you that he’s a straight shooter. He merely gave his honest opinion, based on the thousands of hours he’s devoted to watching MMA and boxing during his life.

Unfortunately, none of us will ever get a chance to see this dream bout take place. Mayweather barely fights worthy opponents in his realm, so there’s no way he’d branch out and risk possibly losing an MMA fight to Rousey.

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