Dana White Says Jon Jones Didn't Make Homophobic Comments, Was Hacked

By Andrew Fisher
Jon Jones UFC
Tom Szczerbowski -USA Today Sports

Is Jon Jones a homophobe?

That’s the question many people were asking following some recent comments from the UFC light heavyweight champion’s Instagram account.

It all started on Tuesday when a Swedish fan posted some screen shots of his account that showed Jones commenting on his photos. In the comment section, Jones’ official account was posting things like: ‘U2 are definitely gay, You definitely have sexual identity issues, F** s**t. F** boys. Homosexuality is a sin.’

Well, as per usual, it seems that Jones was hacked. At least that’s what UFC President Dana White is claiming:

“He got hacked. Originally when I found out he was being hacked, I was like, ‘What, are we all going to say stupid stuff and then say we got hacked?’ But if you look at his timeline, first of all he rarely posts anything or responds with comments on Instagram –- and he got hacked…(The hackers) got in there and they changed his password. Like 11 people had his password that surround him and we got that squashed and taken care of yesterday.”

So that’s it, right? End of story. Jones was just another victim in the long line of pro athletes who have had their social media hacked?

I really hope that’s the case. Firstly, because you hate to see anyone using language like that. Secondly, because you hope that he wouldn’t be that dumb. He’s one of the faces of the UFC and champions simply shouldn’t conduct themselves in that manner.

But no matter what really happened, rest assured that Mr. Bones will be defending his title come April 26th.

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