Fight News Commentator Robin Black Should Start A Band With Clay Guida

By Luke Schmaltz


Clay Guida
David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

As a mixed martial artist, Robin Black brings a lot of credibility to the commentary table at Fight News. He is well-informed, well-spoken and no doubt well-trained. He also brings something most folks on the news reporting end of MMA don’t possess: a prevailing sense of mojo.

Black’s jagged mane of spiked hair, sleeve tattoos and formidable wardrobe of swanky shirts give way to the realization that he is no stranger to, but a veteran of the rock world. The guy has been rocking longer than he has been fighting and is arguably even better at it. Getting MMA fans to cross over with him for his next rock n’ roll project might be easier if he had a few big-name fighters backing him up.

Imagine the wild mop of Clay Guida flopping and flailing around behind the drum kit while he pounds it like an opponent he’s got face-up in a full mount. No rock band is complete without a member who walks the jagged edge of weird, so on bass you could recruit Colin “Freakshow” Fletcher. This would reassure fans that they are indeed in the right place for a face-melting rock experience.

Lead guitar duties could be shouldered by none other than Jason “Mayhem” Miller, who would be allowed to solo all he wants but would under no circumstances be permitted to go anywhere near a microphone.

Arguments between bandmates would escalate into full-on brawls that would put the legendary spats of Jane’s Addiction and Oasis to utter shame. Camera crews following the band around would garner experience that would make workers on the The Ultimate Fighter shows jealous. Revenue from the reality show alone could finance a world tour.

The live show would be explosive, with stage-diving audience members getting clotheslined, hip-checked, backfisted and choked out by Black and his crew. A short-lived tenure as a group no doubt, but in a world full of spineless trash-talking bands who play weak music and hide behind bodyguards, this is would be one act worth paying double to see. Not only would they sound kick butt, they actually could kick butt — a rarity indeed.

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