UFC Champ Jon Jones Got Hacked; Rumors Fly as to Who, Why

By Luke Schmaltz
Jon Jones
Kyle Terada – USA TODAY Sports

The non-issue about Jon Jones‘ phone getting jacked and then hacked will thankfully be put to bed as soon as UFC 172 weigh-in day arrives.

Since the Jones’ phone was apparently swiped during training camp, it suggests that a person who is somehow connected to the MMA fighting community is the culprit. Jones is a stand-up guy, a family man and one heck of a sincere dude. Who could be out there trying to run his good name through the Instagram homophobic mud?

Looking back at his career you could postulate that somewhere in the wake of busted faces, submissions and broken title belt dreams there is a disgruntled fighter with a bone to pick. Maybe MauricioShogun Rua and Stephen Bonnar got together and decided to exact some justice against Jones and his fight-stopping spinning elbow. Or stranger yet, perhaps Alex Gustafsson‘s head still hasn’t cleared and he hired a training insider to help him finagle some petty revenge.

Both are, without a doubt, preposterous theories. So is this next one, but why the heck not?

Back in early 2011, Jones was traveling with his coaches Greg Jackson and Mike Winklejohn near Patterson, N.J. At a stop, they observed two elderly people calling for help. Apparently someone had just pulled off a smash and grab, running off with the couple’s GPS device. Jones and his coaches ran the guy down and held him there until the authorities arrived and arrested the creep.

This pilferer is a known electronic device snatcher who was stopped by Jones after a petty robbery. The jeers and bullying he must have received in jail from his fellow lawbreakers must have been unbearably degrading. As he was taunted and laughed at for such a cowardly act, he could have easily developed a deep, brooding resentment toward Jones. Once he was released, he decided to get even the only way he knew how; to steal Jones’ electronic device — his phone.

If there is anyone to focus the blame on it should be the New Jersey elctro-jacker with a post-hoosegow grudge against a man who was in the right place at the right time. If it wasn’t this guy, it was someone equally as desperate who will hopefully get caught in the act by a few MMA guys the next time he strikes.

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