Donald Cerrone Gambled Big to Win Big

By Kevin Davidson
Donald Cerrone
David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Donald Cerrone is on a tear, ladies and gentlemen. It seems that when Cerrone is broke, he goes for broke in his fights. Never is that more apparent than in his fight against Edson Barboza last night. Barboza started off the fight by lighting up Cerrone, badly. Cerrone clearly did not have an answer and was getting picked apart by Barboza — everyone watching could tell that the finish was going to happen at any time. In true Cerrone fashion, he snagged victory in the blink of an eye and turn in the most exciting fight of the night.

Cerrone, leading up to the event, said that he was going to stand and trade with Barboza because that is what the fans wanted to see. This is a dangerous game to get into; I’m sure Cerrone thought he had the edge in the stand-up department but as soon as the fight stated, everyone could see that he was actually at a disadvantage standing. Instead of doing the smart thing, and re-adjusting his game plan or plan of attack, he decided to stay stubborn. It worked, and good on him for that. He doubled-down on a sinking ship — it was a dumb move but it paid off.

Unfortunately, I am a little afraid for Cerrone moving forward with an attitude like this. He was clearly losing the fight but he continued to fight the way he was losing. Now, of course I was not in the Octagon and have no idea what he was thinking; maybe he saw a chink in Barboza’s armor and was simply waiting for his opening. That’s a possibility, but I do know that he lucked out in this fight. It makes for pure excitement but he could have easily lost the fight.

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