Dustin Poirier Needs to Take Things Slow and Steady

By Kevin Davidson
Dustin Poierir
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

There is often a serious risk and reward ratio to being an exciting fighter. The risk is that, since these guys and girls are using six ounce gloves, one wild strike could legitimately knock them out. The reward is a huge boost in popularity for your next fight and probably a much appreciated monetary bonus. Very rarely do we see an exciting fighter turn in a reigning champion. Sure, there have been some, but it is rare. Dustin Poirier just had an awesome fight against Akira Corassani at UFC Fight Night that proved Poirier needs to take things nice and slow.

In a fight that Poirier should have dominated, he was caught several times by Corassani because Poirier was being reckless. Poirier was walking right into the range of Corassani’s punches just so he could land one good shot; luckily, Poirier has a decent chin or he would have been knocked out. Poirier was able to pull out the victory, but it showed that Poirier would still rather have an exciting fight than cruise to a boring decision. Is this a good thing? For the fans, you bet your neckbeard it is. Poirier is quickly becoming a fan favorite, and with brawls against other Featherweights, and his propensity to finish fights, it is no shock why. On the other hand, for Poirier’s career, this seems like a risk that he does not need to be taking.

Poirier possesses amazing potential. For the Corassani fight, he could have easily stayed to the outside and picked him apart. He needs to start taking things slowly and really think about making a serious run at the title. If he can focus, slow things down, and rely on his opponent to make a mistake, I see no reason why Poirier could not fight for the title in two years.

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