Michael Bisping Needs To Take A Step Back Or Fight Anderson Silva

By Kevin Davidson
Michael Bisping
Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Bisping has always been one heck of a polarizing figure. Ask any fan what their opinion is and I guarantee that you will either get a love him or hate him response. His latest Fight night appearance against Tim Kennedy showed that the year-long layoff definitely had an impact on Bisping. He was taken down and controlled on the ground — something that not even Chael Sonnen could do — multiple times and could never really get things going on his feet. It was an appearance that was basically judged as lacking. So, what is next for Bisping?

I would have to say that Bisping needs a step backwards in competition. It is now clear that the surgery and layoff affected him a lot more than he let on that it would. Bisping needs a fight or two that will ease him back into the top-ten. That would be the picturesque way of restoring a popular fighter; but as we all know, in the world of mixed marital arts things rarely work out the way they should, so,I will throw a weird request out there. Let Bisping fight Anderson Silva when he comes back.

Bisping has always wanted to fight Silva, and since Silva is coming off of one of the most gruesome injuries the UFC has ever seen, I think it would be the perfect comeback fight for him. Bisping would do an amazing job of promoting the fight, and it would be a fantastic measuring stick to see if Silva is really coming back in full health. I know that it is a crazy idea, but I think it is one that makes sense and would really sell.

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