Phil Davis Needs to Start Making a Statement

By Kevin Davidson
Phil Davis
Jason da Silva-USA TODAY Sports

If I were Phil Davis’ management team, I would be pulling my hair and trying to set the building on fire. That escalated quickly, didn’t it? I wouldn’t literally do that; I’m just trying to make a point here. My point is that Davis is easily a future champion, but he does not have the public support right now. Dana White’s recent comment about Davis basically said that Davis never wants to become champion. The funny thing about that comment is we have heard no rebuttal form Davis. Is he afraid of Dana White or something? I do not think so, because it has been proven that drama sells fights, and White has never punished someone for selling tickets. So what gives?

I personally think Davis does not care about the public’s opinion. Davis is paid to go into the Octagon and win fights. That is how he is going to get a title shot and that is how he is going to keep his job; if only things were that simple, Phil. We can all agree that Glover Teixeira is walking into a ring of fire that he can’t possibly imagine when he fights Jon Jones. Teixeira has a shot but not a good one. If he is going to get mauled, then why is he fighting for a title shot? Because the public has been listening to pro-fighter after pro-fighter say how hard Teixeira punches.

Why are no pro fighters talking about how good Davis’ wrestling is or how well he is conditioned? Again, this is because Davis probably does not care. Davis’ next fight is against Anthony Johnson, and he needs to win and then make a huge statement. The best case scenario is Davis finishes Johnson and then calls out either a No. 1 contender or the champion himself. The only thing that we can do is watch and hope someone talks some sense into Davis.

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