UFC Champ Ronda Rousey Should Fight Michelle Obama

By Luke Schmaltz
Ronda Rousey
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The first lady of MMA and the first lady of the USA should fight. Ronda Rousey and Michelle Obama could combine their public influence in an exhibition-style event that would raise fitness awareness nationwide and beyond.

Rousey is a world class athlete with a relentless training regimen rivaling that of any top level MMA fighter. She trains daily and has the physique, the attitude and the skills to prove it. She exudes mental and physical strength, no doubt some of which can be attributed to the fact that she exercises nonstop.

The UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champ juggles a hectic schedule between working out and fulfilling her Hollywood commitments. She famously shot “The Expendables 3” and “Fast and Furious 7” while training for her upcoming championship bout with Miesha Tate. Her victory may have proved that the only way to keep a crazy schedule is to insist that exercise is part of your daily routine.

Michelle Obama is one half of the fittest couple to ever occupy the White House. She is rumored to awake at 4:30 a.m. to get in a workout before her hectic day begins. Her famously toned arms are, according to her personal trainer, the result of years of consistent training in the areas of boxing, body weight exercises and jumping rope.

Her role as first lady has been intrinsically linked to fitness. Her Let’s Move initiative emphasizes nutrition and physical exercise through step by step action and engagement with community. Although far from headline news four years after its inception, a high profile rising star like Rousey could help cast some limelight back in its general direction.

The whole idea is to draw a correlation between the elevated profiles of both women’s success and how it relates to fitness and nutrition. Perhaps the event could lure people’s focus away from the flip flops and the Fritos bag and towards the running shoes and the heavy bag.

While the suggested pairing is a bit of a mismatch (Rousey is half Obama’s age,) the odds could be evened by simply tying Rousey’s hands and feet together or making her fight in a straitjacket. Hey it’s for a good cause, right? Think of this way: Obama would gain some street cred with the tattooed crowd and Rousey would get a new garment to wear on her next date. Her beau would no doubt be thankful for it.

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