Jon Jones Shows He is A Step Ahead of the Division

By Kevin Davidson
Jon Jones
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

When I first heard that Jon Jones was going to be fighting Glover Teixeira, I was extremely nervous for Teixeira. Teixeira was a guy who never even registered a win over a top-10 opponent and the UFC decided that it was a good idea to throw him against the greatest fighter on the planet because he has knockout power.

Jon, to no surprise, picked Teixeira apart and basically turned in the most dominating performance of his young career. Not once in that entire fight was Jones in trouble. The victory just put another notch in the old title belt and proved once again that Jones is a step ahead of the entire division.

What really worried me about this fight was this: who is Jones going to fight next? It is pretty obvious that there are no clear-cut contenders out there besides Alexander Gustafsson. Daniel Cormier is clawing for a title shot, but he has to get through Dan Henderson first, which is no small task.

What is the UFC going to do if their biggest star has no one to fight? I personally have no idea, but I do know that Jones said that he is no longer going up to fight in the heavyweight division.

The old saying is that it is lonely on top. As of right now, I think that Jones is quite content sitting on top of that mountain. That content feeling might start to go away after another three or four fights because at that time, there will be no more contenders in the division.

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