Joseph Benavidez Forges On Despite Questionable UFC Future

By Kevin Davidson
Joseph Benavidez
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Joseph Benavidez has had one crazy year. He just ran through the entire Featherweight division to challenge Demetrious Johnson for the title and was knocked out clean after one mistake. Since it was his second bid for the title, I doubt he will challenge the champ again. After such a devastating loss, one has to wonder if Benavidez would have any motivation to continue to fight.

Well, Benavidez answered that question last night in his bout against Tim Elliot. Elliot started if the fight by completely going after Benavidez. Elliot was doing great work when out of nowhere he got reversed by and had to tap to a choke. It was a gorgeous submission and definitely one of the most exciting fights on the card.

This fight showed that he can still compete, that Benavidez can win and he is far from finished. I know what you are thinking; you are sitting there going “yeah, but every fighter shows that when they win.” You, concerned reader, would be correct. A win does prove that for every fighter, but this is somewhat different for Benavidez. This is different because Benavidez finds himself in a particularly peculiar position as I stated above.

The no-man’s land that Benavidez finds himself in is a place no fighter ever wants to find him, or her, self in. It is now clear that Benavidez won’t go silently into the night or his next fight. Benavidez is going to keep winning until the UFC can’t ignore him. It takes sand to do that, it takes guts to just keep going not really knowing your future and Benavidez is doing just that. Well, it looks like Benavidez has a new fan.

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