Matt Brown Has A Lose-Lose Situation On His Hands with Erick Silva

By Kevin Davidson
Matt Brown
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Brown is in the midst of the biggest career resurgence that the UFC has ever seen. I understand how epic that sounds, but it is true. Brown went from being on a three-fight losing streak to being undefeated in his last six fights. Brown has also become a fan favorite by just swarming his opponent.

It would seem that Brown has hit his stride. That is why I am so confused as to why the UFC gave him Erick Silva.

Silva is a decent fighter, but he has been caught in the past and seems to let his emotions get the best of him. He throws wildly, and I suppose that is why the UFC is matching him with Brown. This fight has a good chance of getting a little wild. That is a win for the fans, but it could be a serious loss for Brown. With Brown also being extremely susceptible to getting into slugfest, Silva has a shot of knocking him out.

Brown is a win or two away from being a contender for a title shot. He is in a very good spot in his career, and he is getting more and more popular with every fight. All of that could go directly down the drain if Silva is able to land a heavy blow or two. It might not happen because Brown would still be considered the favorite going in, but in the world of MMA, crazier things have happened.

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