Phil Davis Has Some Trash Talk To Clean Up After UFC 172

By Luke Schmaltz
Phil Davis
Patrick Smith – Getty Images Sport

It’s a good thing UFC light heavyweight Phil Davis is flexible, because after UFC 172, his foot is in his mouth and could be jammed halfway down his throat.

The outspoken “Mr. Wonderful” will have his yap full for awhile as he eats his own words. Perhaps he is scratching his head after his loss to Anthony Johnson, who he obviously overlooked while directing his pre-fight verbiage at light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

It’s another classic example of trash talk backfiring that MMA rubberneckers love to behold more that rush hour drivers love a nice, bloody rollover accident. The scenario is reminiscent of Frank Mir‘s comments aimed at Brock Lesnar before the fight where Lesnar relieved a trash-talking Mir of his championship belt and his dignity.

As long as trash talking is on the table, the incendiary rhetoric of Chael Sonnen cannot be forgotten. He is the champion of mouthing off, most notably after his UFC 136 victory over Brian Stann. Sonnen co-opted his chance to speak into Joe Rogan‘s microphone after the fight with a taunt aimed at Anderson Silva. He told Silva ” … you absolutely suck … I beat you, you leave the division. You beat me, I leave the UFC forever.”

Silva answered by obliterating Sonnen with a chest-level knee strike followed by a devastating whirlwind of punches. Sonnen simply could not save face after that one, simply because his jaw was busy munching on his own words which he did not honor, as he remains in the UFC today.

Davis’ post-fight sheepishness was was at least genuine, which is more than can be said for his pre-fight antics, which seemed to be brought on by a disingenuous effort to magnify his personality for the sake of fan approval. He spent most of the promotional build-up to the event yammering about fighting Jones, making little acknowledgement of the obstacle standing in his way — Johnson.

While “Mr. Wonderful” is re-thinking his mouthiness, perhaps he can reconsider his nickname. “Mr. Shut Up and Fight” is free for the taking.

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