Conor McGregor Is Poking the Bear with His Self-Promotion

By Kevin Davidson
Conor McGregor
Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

While I am not a fan of the brash trash-talker Conor McGregor, you have to admit that he is turning all sorts of heads these days. McGregor was just announced as a headliner of the UFC’s Ireland Fight Night where he will be fighting Cole Miller. That is one amazing fight and I cannot wait to see it, but it would seem that Miller is the last thing on McGregor’s mind. McGregor has claimed that he is going to destroy the division and is already trying to line up fights for after Miller. From a business stand point, this is extremely smart, but from a realistic stand point, McGregor just made himself a target for Jose Aldo. That was a huge mistake.

For my money, Aldo is probably the best fighter that the UFC has in its roster — maybe Jon Jones, but Aldo is still developing and has shown tremendous talent in the octagon. Also has decimated opponent after opponent and is seriously close to running through the division. With McGregor making these callouts it is not crazy to think that he might only be three fights away from a title shot. I don’t care what anyone says; McGregor needs more time to develop, probably three to four years, before he can really be ready for a title shot against Aldo.

McGregor is seriously poking the bear with these callouts. I’m sure that McGregor believes that he can win the fight against top-five opponents, but reality says that he will not. He is too young, too inexperienced, and has never been pushed into deep waters which is exactly where anyone in the top five of the division will take him and drown him. McGregor might be the next big thing, but his time is not right now. If I were McGregor, I would point his talking to Miller because that is who is going to be standing across from him in a couple months.

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