UFC Champion Jon Jones Should Fight Alexander Gustafsson in Sweden

By Luke Schmaltz
Jon Jones vs Alexander Gustafsson
Tom Szczerbowski – USA TODAY Sports

It’s time to put the debates about the fighting skill of Jon Jones to bed.

People say he is a dirty fighter and perhaps that is true, but he is also a highly successful fighter who finds ways to win. If he were to fight Alexander Gustafsson on American turf, his detractors will blame that advantage when he wins. Jones should go to Sweden and fight Gustafsson in downtown Stockholm with a nation booing him and a heavily prepared Gustafsson trying to take his head off. If he finds a way to win under those circumstances, his naysayers will be forced to reel in their wagging tongues about eye pokes and dirty elbows and accept the fact that he is simply the best there is.

Too make his point and add insult to injury, Jones should prove that his success is not reliant on eye pokes, breathing obstructions and bludgeoning elbows. If he goes to fight in Sweden without those tools in hanging from his belt, he will no doubt have plenty of other tricks in his arsenal to put on display. He could employ the good ole overhand right a la Roy Nelson or even the tried and true Anderson Silva-style front kick to the face.

The point is that Jones has the ability to make any strategy that is legal inside the Octagon work for him because he is that versatile of a fighter. He could go one round all hands, the next round feet only and the round after that strictly ground and pound and still come away with the win. Just to make things fair, perhaps Jones should fight with one hand behind his back in order to simply give an opponent the chance to make it to round two or three.

Go east, young man. A considerable chunk of American MMA fans hate you already. Why not show them that you can win in an environment where everyone is against you and it still does not matter? If you pull it off it is quite likely that many of your American detractors will defect and finally come over to your side.

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