UFC Fighters Jon Jones and Lyoto Machida are Superstitious and Ritualistic

By Luke Schmaltz


Lyoto Machida
Jason Silva – USA TODAY Sports

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones doesn’t want to give his challengers any unnecessary inspiration.

That is apparently what Mauricio “Shogun” Rua did for Jones when he walked out to their title fight in March of 2011 holding the light heavyweight championship belt high and proud. The image stoked Jones to the very core and became the focal point of his motivation. Rua’s display of pride was about to backfire and Jones was going to take the belt from him no matter what. His superstition dictates that he can never repeat the showboating mistake of Rua, lest his opponent do to him what he did to Shogun. Jones contends that as long as he doesn’t taunt his challengers with the item they so deeply covet, they will not have a visual catalyst to manufacture the formula to beat him.

Speaking of manufacturing, there is a bodily byproduct that may or may not be intended by nature to be re-introduced once it comes out. Lyoto Machida chooses to go with the re-introduction approach as he drinks the contents of his bladder every morning. It is a ritual he learned from his father, Yoshizo Machida — a Shotokan Karate grand master and a daily practitioner of the ritual. Several years ago Machida was suffering from a stubborn cough that he could not get rid of regardless of what treatments he tried. He asked his father for health advice and sure enough the urine therapy worked. He was able to rid himself of the cough and continues to practice the ritual to this day.

In other odd corners of the octagon-going world there is lightweight fighter Danny “Last Call” Castillo who visits the strip club every night before a fight and attributes his recent success to the practice. Meanwhile Quenton “Rampage” Jackson practices a more garden variety of ritual and simply says his prayers before a fight. Newcomer Alex White eats a doughnut before every fight — yes, a world class athlete eats doughnuts. Hopefully he doesn’t take any advice from Machida. That would bring a whole new meaning to “dunkin’ donuts.”

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