Attention UFC Fans: Here Comes Do Hoo Choi -- Your Next Octagon Eccentric

By Luke Schmaltz
UFC Championship Belt
Victor Decolongon – Getty Images Sport

There are two kinds of freaks in the MMA world. There are the deliberate types and then there are guys like Doo Ho Choi.

The first kind are essentially attention whores who primp and posture, who think of psychotic things to say and rehearse the delivery in front of the mirror. These are the folks who highlight their appearance with extra muscles, piercings, tattoos and hair color due to a lopsided need to be gawked at that is uncounterbalanced by a one-dimensional personality. Jason “Mayhem” Miller and Cris “Cyborg” Justino are two names that immediately come to mind here.

In Choi’s case things are different. He is an anomaly because even as a featherweight, he doesn’t have that super-ripped physique fans are used to seeing on say Jose Aldo or Clay Guida. Any doubts about his strength or ability are vanquished as soon as he starts to engage an opponent, however. His takedown defense is nothing short of incredible and he wields one-punch knockout power.

The skinny 23-year-old South Korean with the pasty pallor, the bowl haircut and the general air of nonchalance is confounding audiences and opponents alike. He boasts a fighting record of 11-1 and his superior athletic talents have caught the attention of the UFC. Rumors have it that a contract has been signed and Choi is simply awaiting to be matched with his first opponent.

He displays no fear and his inherent ability to relax is apparent in the way he bobs, weaves, feints in and out and sets opponents up to make devastating mistakes. He continuously strikes with a jab, creates the illusion of an opening for a takedown, and when his opponent shoots in, he meets them head on with a devastating flying knee.

Obviously a very intelligent fighter, his tendency to flash the “V-shaped” hand sign made famous by the character Spock in the Star Trek series lends some credibility to this observation. It also lends credibility to the fact that this guy is a rare breed of weirdo, the sort that is not manufactured for hype, but rather a genuine expression of ability, instinct and personality. Step aside Chris Leben. There’s a new freak in town.

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