Chad Mendes Will Beat Jose Aldo

By Kevin Davidson
Chad Mendes
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

For those of you who don’t know, there is going to be a rematch between Jose Aldo and Chad Mendes. In their first meeting, Aldo knocked out Mendes, but there was also some controversy in that fight because Aldo grabbed the fence which cost Mendes a takedown and possibly led to the knockout that happened.

After that fight, Mendes went on an absolute tear, knocking people’s heads off and going on a four-fight win streak. Mendes did it right; by that I mean that he kept winning until the UFC had no choice but to give him another title shot, and you know what? I think Aldo is in some serious trouble with this fight.

Since his fight with Aldo, Mendes’ striking has gone to a different level. He has been knocking people out left and right, and even the iron-chinned Clay Guida could not escape his power. Mendes has really turned himself into a true threat by blending his stand-up and his always-dangerous wrestling. Even though those are necessary weapons against a fighter like Aldo, it is Mendes’ gas tank that will be the difference in this fight.

We have seen that Aldo fades as the fight goes on. That will be Mendes’ key to victory — take Aldo into deep waters and drown him. If Mendes is able to get some big shots in and avoid Aldo’s leg kicks, I can see Mendes scoring a fifth-round knockout. It sure is a crazy game plan, but one that could really work. No matter what, we are going to see a different Mendes in this next fight, and Aldo had better be prepared.

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