Nate Diaz Needs To Do His Job

By Kevin Davidson
Nate Diaz
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

For those of you who have been living under a rock, Nate Diaz has been taken off the official UFC rankings by Dana White because of inactivity. This has generated a huge response from the MMA community. First of all, it is no surprise that the UFC is a dictatorship, and that dictator is White. He saved the company from bankruptcy and made it the company that it is today.

He is in charge, and if you are a fighter, he is your boss. If he says you need to fight, then you need to fight. If only things were that simple.

For one, UFC fighters are severely underpaid unless they are huge stars. We can all agree on that. Diaz has made it very evident that he wants more money. Is he in the position to demand a raise? Well, I think he is. Diaz is one of those rare fighters that fans will tune it to watch him win and haters will tune in to watch him lose. Either way, he name is on the fans’ mouths and everyone has an opinion on him.

Not only is he captivating, but he is a great fighter. Diaz is a top-10 lightweight and just knocked out Gray Maynard, if the UFC wants to keep the best fighters in the world in their ranks, then they should keep Diaz.

It is fairly obvious that this is an alpha move by White. White wants to have his fighters do the things that he wants. He is the boss, so it makes sense. Diaz is disrespecting his authority though and he is now paying the price. My opinion? Diaz should swallow his pride and do what White pays him to do: fight.

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