UFC: Matt Brown Does Not Deserve a Title Shot

By Kevin Davidson
Matt Brown
Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

Before I launch into what will undoubtedly be an unpopular opinion, for those of you who saw the fight between Erick Silva and Matt Brown, consider yourselves lucky. It was the greatest first round in all of mixed martial arts. I’m not joking, it was a back and forth round where both fighters had serious moments. Brown did eventually begin to run away with the fight, but Silva is undeniably tough, maybe too tough for his own good and I later heard that he was taken out of the Octagon on a stretcher — yikes. It was an excellent win for Brown and he immediately called for a title shot after the win. While a seven-fight win streak is almost unheard of in the UFC, I think Brown should slow his roll.

First thing first, Brown has never beat a top-five opponent. That is a fact. He has also never beaten a serious wrestler, which is what the top-10 of the division is stacked with. Brown has done nothing but shine is the past year and he will continue to do so, but he is still unproven. The thing is that while he is probably the most violent fighter that the UFC has, we have yet to see him defeat a top-fiver. I think that, seeing how stacked the division is, this needs to be remedied.

Brown has the ability to become a huge draw. He is a gritty fighter who rarely sees the scorecards and puts his whole heart into the fight. Unfortunately, the UFC has decided to not market him and thus his seven-fight win streak is kind of pointless. Give Brown the chance to prove himself against a serious contender, and if he passes that test, give him the title shot.

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